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Create the New Earth with Love

Create the New Earth with Love The Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

The Goddess is in the house — all houses everywhere, whole and complete, at full power. The year 2020 is magical; it is all you have dreamed of and more. You choose the life you live, the way you live it, and the time and place you live in. It is decreed that all of you create the lives of your dreams.

You are the creator and liver of the dream. What you choose is important to all for it must benefit all. You can have anything you desire, as long as it doesn’t infringe on another’s creation. Together, you can create worlds of love and joy, but not hate and slavery. All is fair on the New Earth, as long as all are considered in the plan. You can plan to own a castle, as long as others are welcome and can do the work they enjoy and feel a sense of accomplishment. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment at your job?

All of you will rise to greet the day with joy in your hearts. Utopia describes an ideal place, a paradise. How does utopia fit in your world? Look around you. How can you create utopia right where you are with what you have? Utopia is a mind/heart-set, a concept of living a life in love and joy. How can you change your life and live in utopia? Most will say, “With lots and lots of money.” I say, “With an attitude adjustment.”