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Connect with Your Divine Family

Connect with Your Divine Family The Keeper of Time and Scientist of the Heart and the group through Steve Rother

Keeper of Time: Greetings from Home, dear ones. I have joined you this day with your game already well under way. It’s fascinating for us to watch. We get to watch as you move from level to level, uncertain where the end is or where you’re moving to. Most importantly, you’re starting to harmonize together and beginning to see each other in a new way.

There is a change occurring on planet Earth right now, and all of you can be a part of it. It’s a huge reconnection of the human heart, a resurfacing, if you will. In some ways, it’s an opportunity for unity to resurface as one of the most important elements that you can work with going forward as the new humans create a new world. You see, dear ones, you have a rather large family. We’ve spoken of this recently, so let us speak of it here as well.

The Family of E has existed with only a very small number of humans on your planet. With their special attributes, it didn’t take many to create opportunities and land the seven clans. Now here you are, one step at a time, stretching out of the reality that you’ve been in during a higher existence. Know that one of the greatest things you can do is to reunite with those family members. You are again reuniting those parts of yourself that had separated in order to play this game of pretending to be human. Some of them you will know quite well, but others you won’t recognize.