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Colors and Ascension

Colors and Ascension Archangel Metatron and Sunarama through Rae Chandran

Metatron: Hello, my dear family. You are living in a very interesting time when new possibilities exist in the middle of great chaos. Yes, there is much confusion, fear, anxiety, anger, and polarization. But many new things are coming, so we encourage you to not buy into too much of what’s happening in the world. Stay centered in your space, and focus on the good things in your life.

It’s easy to get sucked in by what’s happening, but that is just one reality. Many realities exist simultaneously. During 2020, you will see more chaos than what occurred in 2019. There could be a rattling of the markets, resulting in a mini financial crash. The stock market could crash in many ways, so stay centered and focused in your truth and in your own life at every moment.

Each morning when you wake up, say, “Peace in the front. Peace in the back. Peace to my left. Peace to my right. Peace to the top. Peace to the bottom. Peace. Peace. Peace.” You can also say, “Peace in my mind. Peace in my thoughts. Peace in my emotional body. Peace in my physical body.” When the physical body is agitated, it affects the mental and emotional bodies. Bringing peace into these areas of your life will bring a shift; you will see things differently and react from the heart.