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Blessings and Harmony

Blessings and Harmony The Angels of Light through Thelma Bodnar

Peace to all beings. Joy to all beings. Mercy to all beings. What a great way to honor your life and the lives of others. Few words, so much power. Often we choose words that cause us to spiral out of control, away from our grace and true self. Walking our way through the labyrinth of life can be overwhelming, but choosing words that uplift us and others can be a calming reminder of our perfect place in the now.

Beloveds, you have been chosen to carry the torch through highs and lows. It may seem tiring at times, but you have found yourselves persevering in even the direst conditions. The elements of change have driven you forward even when you felt you could no longer put one foot in front of the other. The generosity of your holiday season may seem a thing of the past, but we are here to tell you that it will continue. There will be a freshness and exhilaration in all you do, even the seemingly mundane tasks. All will appear easier and less stressful. You will notice an acceptance of flow and give honor to your newfound exuberance in moving through your daily experiences.

The beauty around you is being refreshed by new eyes as your world shows new colors. Though it is still winter, the colors will seem more vibrant as your flow echoes the calling of your heart for appreciation and gratitude for all that is given to you. Your blessings are immeasurable, and your peace of heart is reflected in each day, each act of kindness, and each memory you recall. The past is melting away. For some of you, that is an even greater blessing. Forging ahead into each new day will fill the now vacant spaces of the past and its hold on you.