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Ask the Angels: Souls Are Embraced in Heaven

Ask the Angels: Souls Are Embraced in Heaven Kim Malonie

Cheryl: These sacred messages were given to me by my holy angels. These words are to be cherished and received in a most humble manner as people of Earth bow to the holy angels, to God, and to all the entities of the heavens. Be in sacred communion in the heart to receive these covenants. This will describe how the soul enters heaven.

From the angels: When the soul begins life in a heaven of its own and God’s choosing, it is ushered to a place where it feels more peace and comfort than can be expressed in words. Remembrances of this place overwhelm the soul. It is Home. Is this a physical place? The mind has created this heaven for itself over lifetimes. Should it request the sound of softness, the sound is with it. All the soul desires is given by the most merciful God.

The heavens are of varied depths, heights, and qualities. Most souls rising from Earth go to a heaven called Nome. This is because they feel most comfortable there. Souls love the essence of foods and the things most familiar to them from Earth. Each soul, according its growth, will seek a level most comfortable and natural to it. Not many souls reach the highest heaven from the lowly Earth existence. As the soul is ushered to the heavens by the holy angels, the soul is aware of many qualities now seen as supernatural. It is aware of vision beyond anything imagined, movement by thought alone, flying, and emerging into anywhere it desires.