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Akashic Answers: Ending Relationships

Akashic Answers: Ending Relationships Amanda Romania

At this time of year, I often receive many letters and emails regarding love, friendships, and relationships. “When will my twin flame arrive?” “Is this my soul mate?” In the akashic records, I often see people layer relationship after relationship with karmic connections, and I sometimes wonder if those seekers will ever meet their true connections.

I like to think a spiritual divorce is an option to offload and release the karmic baggage that weighs us down. With that said, here are two letters about relationships.

A year ago, I was using your cards and kept getting the message that my relationship with my husband was in a karmic pattern of truth and justice and ego-fear and drama. I did the reading three times, and the same messages came through. I thought it must be a connection to my work or family — anything but my husband. We had been married over ten years, perfectly matched in every way, and very spiritually connected.