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Your Sparks of Golden Goddess Light

Your Sparks of Golden Goddess Light Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

See me. Feel me. I am holding your hand and slowly walking through life with you peacefully. This is where I always am, with you, my goddesses. On this great and important journey I will never leave your side. Always and in all ways I am with you, but like the shining sun, on some days, you just can’t see me or feel me behind the rain clouds. Your lightbody meditation brings me into you, around you, and through you. But never forget that I am always holding your hand.

Lightbody Meditation

Please stand, eyes closed, music on (music is the conduit to take you higher and higher), and preferably without words (words distract). My channel likes Da Vinci Code or Beethoven. You may call in any guide you feel comfortable working with.