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Your High Self Is Landing

Your High Self Is Landing Uriel through Arthur Fanning

Peace to All Beings, mercy. When you are dealing with the forces of your high self descending, it’s best to be in the presence of nature because there’s a secret stillness there. If you hear and react to an intrusion — a loud noise in nature — at least it is a natural phenomenon. By natural, I mean your consciousness has experienced such a thing in the past, and your bones remember and have knowledge of it.

When you are sitting in front of your media or TV, you’re being influenced by it whether you know it or not. You’ll judge one side or the other in a mental process, and as you go through the mental process, there is an emotional process and a balance required. As you go through the emotional process, a liquid force in your system communicates with your bones for the posture you will need: standing up. You will need this physical posture to handle the information you’re receiving. It’s almost instantaneous, like an on-and-off switch. You don’t realize it, though, until you are in the presence of nature and natural phenomena. There is a difference in the liquid chemical reactions. You are not as defensive as you are in front of media. You are always defensive because you are being influenced, trying to adjust yourself to whatever concept the media is portraying.

The secret to all of this is that nature is all around the entire planet, each country. You have borders around your countries because the consciousness training that you are going through is individualized in each country. Countries have different languages and social customs, causing great confusion now in your world. One religion professes “this” thing, and another religion professes “that” thing; they all profess something that is greater than themselves. Some are professing that they are the one. It’s time to understand the natural forces now.