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You Decide Your Purpose

You Decide Your Purpose Ambassadors of the Light through Thelma Bodnar

Greetings, dear ones. We alight to the energies of your space and time to acknowledge our devotion to you and your new world. Indeed, it is a new world for all intents and purposes. Riding the waves of congruency and shattering all previous predictions, your Earth vehicle is progressing in leaps and bounds, and the future of humankind appears to be in a race to reach its highest calling.

Wow! That was a lot to start you off with.

We are here to inspire you and guide you on the next steps of your new adventures. Your perspectives have adjusted to new ways being presented to you at this time. You are quickly becoming aware of the sheerest veil that separates you from the other side. Teachings from your past are falling by the wayside as you realize their discrepancies and the hold they seemed to have on you. New truths are circling you and catching your attention. The new life in front of you from this very moment on is quite beautiful to behold. The dishonesty, lies, treachery, and all forms of divisiveness are coming out into the light and being called out for what they are and who has perpetrated these atrocities.