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Unbridled Wisdom

Unbridled Wisdom Kryon through Lee Carroll

7 July 2018, McCaysville, Georgia

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It would astonish you to know the length of time that your soul has been here on the planet in some form or another. There are the things that hide completely behind a veil of appropriateness because it doesn’t serve you to constantly be interrupted by energies of the past. There is always the feeling that perhaps this is the only life you get.

You should know it was designed on purpose that there would be no real proof that there is more than this. There is nobody who will come back, touch you on the shoulder, and say, “Look, it’s me! I’m still here!” So, dear ones, all that I speak about and represent as truth, and all that I am as Kryon, is something you trust is real by your faith, spiritual logic, and intuition.

The Human condition is changing, and what is bringing that in is the Human toolkit of wisdom. Wisdom — of all of the things in your purview — is tied to almost everything else. It’s tied to intuition. It’s tied to your akash, and it’s tied to something new for you. This new attribute is something you will name eventually, but some have other names for the feeling that you belong here spiritually. It’s a feeling of knowing when things are correct. It’s a knowingness inside you that causes you to involuntarily nod in agreement when you hear the wisdom of the ages and sense its accuracy.