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Those Who Fight Against the Light Are Also the Light

Those Who Fight Against the Light Are Also the Light The Gaia Collective through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, you are faced with many choices in your collective rehabilitation, so to speak. You are being shown with great clarity how the actions of the humans who have controlled religions and governments for generations for their own gain have not served the greater good. On a planet of free choice, how do you navigate these challenging times and not fall into despair and the belief that there is little you can do to turn things in a different direction?

This is what you can reference as your human reality therapy. Looking at the past with closed eyes and hearts may make you feel better in the moment, because you ignore the collective responsibility in how you have all agreed to allow events to be where they are on some level.

As your world becomes more polarized (due in part to the internet and social media), you are also seeing how the divisions have been fed to keep you in a fog of mistrust. That has encouraged primal interactions that see your group as preferred and more deserving of life’s goodness than those who do not believe, look, or act as you. This is one of the root factors that has influenced the divisions among you.