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The Tai Chi Pill

The Tai Chi Pill Ethan Indigo Smith

Tai Chi is one of the most efficient forms of self-development for healing, strengthening, consciousness expansion, and potentiation in total. The Tai Chi pill is a Tai Chi potion made up of paradigm motions and notions. Relax and enjoy.

The placebo effect is the ability for consciousness to trigger healing processes. A 2010 study (the first of its kind) evaluated the placebo effect in a new way.1 The study was not focused on a particular medicine alongside a placebo sugar pill: It studied the effects of the placebo pill specifically. The participants in this study suffered from irritable bowel syndrome. And some of them — to their surprise — received a pill bottle on which was clearly labeled “placebo.”

Normally with placebo experiments, researchers study what takes place when participants believe that they are ingesting medicine. In this case, they informed participants that the pills they would be taking had no active ingredients. The results of this Harvard University (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center) study found that even when participants knew they were ingesting a placebo pill, it still improved their symptoms. In fact, the placebo pill with inactive ingredients had similar healing effects of the two IBS medications used at the time.