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Stream Forth Love’s Potentials in Quanta Matter Schools of Consciousness

Stream Forth Love’s Potentials in Quanta Matter Schools of Consciousness The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

All references to “you” in this channeling refer to the creational masters who will be in the quanta matter schools.

As creationals, you’re now aware that everything is consciousness. Today we outline how you will stream forth love’s potentials in quanta matter schools of consciousness. You know there are New Earth biospheres within biospheres and universes within universes, and you’re traveling with Earth-Gaia into her new home in the cosmos. Next, you’ve chosen to become the new Source code in cosmic heart’s petri dish for bio-quanta Spirit’s new creational worlds. You have mastered spirit in space-time atomic thought matter. This is valuable knowledge to the rest of the cosmos that knows little of physical matter embodiment. Now you will provide the consciousness for humanity to master quantum-essence matter to join the rest of your cosmic neighborhood.

You creational masters are seeding essence consciousness outside planetary matrix mind by living in your new quanta potentials. In eight to ten human years, humanity will reunite with interdimensional families and worlds. Hence, you must prepare to represent the new species of conscious, galactic, multi-universal humans now. Most of you will experience this manifest by aligning your embodied awareness and creations with new interdimensional schools.