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Shamanic Wisdom: Adjust Your Energetic Broadcast

Shamanic Wisdom: Adjust Your Energetic Broadcast Jan Engels-Smith

Adjust Your Energetic Broadcast

As an energy practitioner, I often ask myself how I can help people heal and how I can help the world. I find that people who are consciously awakening and becoming aware of a greater purpose commonly ask these same questions.

Even as a young child, I felt the desire to help my friends feel better. When I became a high school teacher, I had many students ask to come in after class to talk, to be mentored. This created a driving force within me to pursue a professional career in counseling and therapy, equipping me with the knowledge and ability to be a healthy guide.

In the span of that career, I found myself questioning why it took people so long to heal. I spent twelve years in therapy myself. Being a results-oriented person, I reasoned that there had to be a better, more effective, and more efficient way to heal.