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Is Peace Possible in a High-Tech World?

Is Peace Possible in a High-Tech World? Phyllis Light

We create peace within our minds and hearts, an experience we must choose to create for ourselves, starting from within our consciousness. We collectively choose peace although it may seem challenging to do so. If we want to have peace, we must eliminate the negative programs within our subconscious minds that attract drama, scarcity, conflict, and ill will toward others. We need to clear the old programming that often gets triggered around our families, as those closest to us can press our buttons with ease and trigger old feelings of insecurity, lack of self-worth, and anger at being misunderstood.

All these negative programs that come from childhood (and I believe past lifetimes) need to be moved out of our space to find peace within, which is crucial to having a life that truly works. Without inner peace, we are building our lives on foundations of chaos and uncertainty, and these foundations are shaky at best.

Another culprit that hampers our ability to find peace deep within is both invisible and widespread, continually growing in its impact on the entire human race. This new enemy to peace is the constant bombardment of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and high-tech frequencies that hit us over 300,000 times per minute and fill our air with life-damaging, chaos-producing energies.