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The New Now

The New Now Archangels Raphael and Gabriel through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

Archangel Raphael: You might be feeling a little confused about how to operate in the new now. Things have shifted a lot, and many of you have felt the detachment of many of the ties to the third-dimensional plane — what we would call the practical day-to-day reality of living on the planet. This might leave you feeling somewhat adrift. If you’re looking to find your footing in the same old ways, you may feel a little bit lost if you try to operate in a linear sense and look for a logical path for the mind and the heart to follow. If you are still trying to force through in that old linear three-dimensional way, you might feel disgruntled, confused, or bewildered at this point.

There is a reason for that. Using computer terminology, there is a new operational system on the planet, and things don’t work at all the way they used to. Some of us still have jobs, and there are still bills to pay. There are still telephones and cars on the road. So things look very much the same. But they are not. So what do we do in this new now? How do we take hold of what is coming forward?

The advice we can share is not to try so hard through the old ways. If something seems familiar to the mind but is not working anymore, it’s because that link to old three-dimensional reality is broken — and for a good purpose. You have intentionally asked to be uplifted as Earth uplifts and humanity uplifts at this time. So you have. You have been part of this transition.