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Moor Within to Weather the Energy Storms

Moor Within to Weather the Energy Storms Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The month of February 2019 is all about receiving messages, guidance, and communication from the earth deities in the local area in which you live. The Panden (earth soul spirit) and Gaia (Earth Mother) energies will share information about ways to align with the earth where you reside for greatest ease of alignment, flow, and abundance.

Guidance for expansive growth will be imparted by various symbolic representatives of the feminine goddess energies from the past, bringing clarity as to what is best let go, what is taking place in the present, and where the visions for the future lie. The challenge will be residing in the present, the now, to be aware of past lessons yet focused on future paths and directions in love. Holding on to past attachments, fears, limitations, needs, or expectations will restrict your options for the present and the future.

Releasing age-old wounds, biases, hurts, and transgressions will make way for the realization of the many and varied positive loving directions open to all. Clinging to outmoded responses, reactions, and beliefs brings limitation and feeds fear. Releasing fear-based ties that bind, restrict, and restrain opens a plethora of options and possibilities that can be expanded exponentially through following your soul-heart guidance, harming none.