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Love as a Healing Vibration

Love as a Healing Vibration Norma a Pleiadian through Jenine Beecher

The energy of this planet is asking us to place our attention on the expression of love as a vibration. It is asking us to understand how to define, express, and share love in a neutral way.

We must reconnect with what love means to us in our deepest of hearts. This means going back to nature to remove and clear our fears in order to move forward in deeper love for ourselves. So the challenge is not being in love but knowing of love and how to give that out as a vibration for others to feel and respond with in kind.

Our Imprint on the Planet

We must start to use the vibration of love in our day-to-day tasks, such as when we run errands to the coffee shop or the gas station. We must match the vibration of love while experiencing our day. Think about your car, traveling, and what your time on the planet does to the earth — that kind of pressure and weight versus your footsteps, how light they can be, how they move with the undulations of the natural world. That is the connection you wish to foster.