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Live Fully in This Lifetime

Live Fully in This Lifetime Amma the Divine Mother through Cathy Chapman

It’s such a delight to come in again and visit with you. Let us talk about why it is difficult to follow the will of God or why people are afraid of following the will of God. First, let’s look at your human experience, both in this lifetime and other lifetimes. As you know, there are carryovers from other lifetimes. This does not mean that every little thing you experience has to do with another lifetime. There are things you came to experience in this lifetime — with the name you have now — to work through and learn from.

When I say “to learn from,” I mean you are here to experience the information. You already know the information because you are an infinite being, and your soul self already has this knowledge. Your experience is the difference between reading about how to ride a bicycle and getting on the bicycle and doing it. You know, on an infinite level, what it is to be human. You know the information, but the only way you can experience it is to come down here and be human with all its complexities, forgetting that you’re an infinite being.

The energy from other lifetimes still intermingles. In a way, we keep such energy separate, but those of you reading this right now know a great deal about how the energies meld. There is no time or space that provides entryway for those energies to come together. Yes, you can do things such as past-life regressions to release past energy. The most important thing to do in this lifetime is to live it. Many people who discover past lives think, “Oh, I want to just do past-life work. I want to go back and touch those lifetimes. I want to hear and see whether I was someone great because I don’t feel great.”