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Instability in the New Energy

Instability in the New Energy St. Germain through Rebecca Dawson

Would you like to hear a story? Would you like to know that you are the story? We will start in a traditional way as borrowed from this channel’s childhood memory.

Once upon a time, there was an instinct, and the instinct was to create. Not a thought, desire, or intent but an instinct. The instinct knew that in order to create, it had to extend itself. It had to embrace everything that was available so that something could emerge. It did not go within itself because it was completely aware of its own existence; therefore, it extended outward to engage the universe. As the intent extended into the universe in all directions, it was visible as light, and it came across many different elements of life. What it recognized as it extended and came into contact with these different elements in space was that all the elements were as-yet-undiscovered potentialities of itself. And the instinct asked the question, “How can I discover anything new if I began with an awareness of who and what I am? If I am already in totality, why am I discovering things that appear to be new?”

The instinct then realized that no joy existed in the inertia of knowing totality without the experience of discovering itself in many other things. So the creative urge, the creative instinct, continued and discovered new particles, new aspects, of life. Every time it discovered a new aspect of life, it recognized the totality of itself within the discovery, leading to an agreement and movement to something else.