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The Illusion of Form

The Illusion of Form Beings of Pegasus and the Founders through Jaap van Etten

Jaap: To fully appreciate the message presented in this article, it feels important to share the context in which the channeling occurred. When I focus on learning a specific topic, my guides or the source of the subject often request to communicate by channeling. So often the channeling occurs in relation to my research.

Our friend Mershona regularly takes groups to participate in ceremonies with the Shipibo-Conibo tribe that lives in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. These ceremonies primarily are centered on working with the sacred Noya Rao tree that grows in this area. She shared with us information about the Noya Rao as shared by the Shipibo Maestra Juana. She uses this sacred tree in ceremonies at several centers, using ayahuasca and other plants to support the process. The information Mershona shared with us is the same basic information you can find where Maestra Juana is doing her ceremonies.1 I share the story here as I have heard it with some additions that came out of messages from the tree and personal experiences.

The Noya Rao is a sacred tree that grows in the Amazonian forest. People of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe are the guardians of this tree. The Shipibo tribe seems to have a long tradition of shamans specialized in plant-based medicine. They consider the Noya Rao as the most sacred of all plants. Although I see trees in many ways as separate from plants, according to the standard definitions, they are part of the plant kingdom. However, trees play a unique role that is still not fully understood. Even among trees, the Noya Rao seems to have a unique place.