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A Guide to the New Multidimensional Earth

A Guide to the New Multidimensional Earth The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

Many are curious about reincarnation and wonder whether it is a real phenomenon or a myth. Everything is real, and at the same time, everything is imagined — depending on personal perception, awareness levels, life experiences, and what type of beliefs you gravitate toward.

Each Part and Its Purpose

When you first came to Earth as human soul fragments, you were naturally open to the spiritual source that gave and still gives you existence. This spiritual source helped you to feel safe and protected as you learned and adapted to your new home on Gaia/Earth.

As time went by, what once was love and peace became complicated and hostile, causing bodies and minds to become dense and less penetrable by Spirit and one another. Selfishness, greed, and fear took over, causing death and suffering within what had become separate tribes and families. As these first humans forgot that they were beings of God, they entered survival mode, causing the reptilian brain to become activated and fear to run rampant on Gaia. This continues in your world today. Much of humanity appears to be living in survival mode because people fear the next horrific and deadly catastrophe, taking place in their own or another’s country. What a sad and painful effect it will have on the whole world!