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A Global Cleansing Is Coming

A Global Cleansing Is Coming Lynn Buess

The year 2019 will be one of much upheaval, emotional outpouring, and hopefully advancement in human awakening. February looks to be a month of historic moments of human grandeur, artistic brilliance, and expressive heights along with frantic events and helter-skelter with perhaps a need to head for shelter. A simmering collective discontent within the human population reaches the surface in a very dramatic fashion. There is pent up angst, anger, and existential anxiety emerging from a population that has become separated and misdirected from its core identity far too long.

The month will be noted for turbulent weather and human conduct as well as natural events beyond our sphere. The human race will come out a changed species before this and the coming months will have passed. It is a time of great impact from the increased motion of water: waves, tides, floods, and so on. It is a time of water cleansing on all levels of manifestation. Those who are attuned will be cleansed and purged. It will be an opportunity for a global-like baptism and initiation.

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