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Focus on Goodness and Well-Being

Focus on Goodness and Well-Being Margaret Ann Lembo

People want to be happy, feel loved, be safe, enjoy abundance and prosperity, and increase intuition to express who they truly are. Visualization and your imagination are the tools to bring about your desired result. And, of course, action is necessary. Visualizing the intention or goals precedes the action, even in ordinary, everyday tasks. It is very powerful to paint your results in advance.

The Crystal Intentions Oracle is perfect to aid you in maintaining that focus. Pick a card from the deck, and focus on the guidance and affirmation along with the beautiful gemstone to manifest the reality you want. Take the card with you for the day, or prop it up in a place where you will see it. Pause from time to time throughout the day to read the guidance and affirmations found on both sides of the card. Here is this month’s pick.