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Feel the Connection to Your Creator Self

Feel the Connection to Your Creator Self Goddess Marillia through Karinna Nielsen

Within your heart light is the all-important connection to the light of creation. There is no separation between you and your Creator force (or anyone else), but in order to experience the full human journey, you must be immersed in the third-dimensional experience of being human. As you continue to in-lighten yourself through the recognition of this love within and the release of fears that have veiled you from knowing your Creator self, you will feel more and more elated on your evolutionary life journey.

Your life on Mother Earth is a mastery journey of moving from fear into love and knowing that you are truly love incarnate. Encourage yourself. Give yourself frequent pats on the back, for you are progressing up the levels, healing yourself, and evolving your soul. These are critical times in the evolutionary process of life on Earth. All aspects of life are shifting into something new.

For many, this might bring up an abundance of fear. However, when you move your awareness from your head-mind (your intellectual sense) into your heart-mind (your emotional knowing), what do you feel? Is there a resonance there with a grander knowing of what is happening? Is there a way to see the light in all your experiences?