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Experience Your Divine True Self

Experience Your Divine True Self the Radiant one through Virginia Ellen

“When you hold the truth of yourself in your consciousness, you can only experience yourself as divine.”

— Jesus of Nazareth

You can’t always change things. But you can rise above your challenges to the spiritual truth. Then the challenge or disharmony dissolves and changes form.

Do not deny your fears. Face them. Feel them deeply, and surrender them to the Almighty God. Seek the truth that will set you free with all your being. Make this the most important thing in your life. It will come when you demonstrate through your actions and deeds that it is the most important thing in your life. When you are determined, focused, humble, and honest and you engage your divine spirit and will, the doors will open so that you can travel to the higher worlds.

This method of advanced evolution is from my time in the ancient mystery schools. It was the great gift of intense initiations. These initiations lasted three to five days and nights. I learned to face the deepest demons within me and to feel the anguish and pain buried in my flesh.