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An ET on the Meaning of the Crop Circle on Milk Hill in 2001

An ET on the Meaning of the Crop Circle on Milk Hill in 2001 A Being from Another Planet through Robert Shapiro

29 November 2018

Crop circles are not complicated; they are meant to be simple. That’s why they have universal appeal. The meaning of the picture of the diagram (the crop circle) that you have on the cover of this magazine is simple, very simple: Everything is connected.

The reason the circle was chosen is that your planet is entirely about circles. Everything on your planet is a circle. What I mean is that at the atomic level, the component parts of the atoms, if you could see them, are all circles or spheres. But I’ll call them circles because “spheres” is hard to say. [The being had difficulty pronouncing the sph in sphere.]

This is important for you to know and understand because it explains why things are cyclical. On your planet, everything goes around and around, you might say, at the basis of your body, at the basis of the tree, at the basis of the squirrel, it doesn’t matter. You are all made up of atoms, and you model them using circles or spheres.