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Engage Your Powerful Light

Engage Your Powerful Light Cheryl Gall

Many empaths are experiencing loneliness. Remember that as your frequency changes, so does the reality around you. You are creators, and like attracts like. You are emitting frequency waves that change the form and reality around you. It might feel as if your family, friends, and loved ones are further and further away from you. It might feel like a disconnect of sorts because your vibrational change may not be a match for anyone currently around you.

All of us are on individual paths of evolution, and other people’s experiences might not be a match with yours. It will feel like a disharmony and imbalance in relationships, jobs, and all activities. Your priorities will change. Your body will start telling you what it needs versus what you think you need or want, such as addictive foods that are toxic.

The paradigm shift you are experiencing will be a disruption of the controlled frequencies we have been subjected to in every part of our lives. These controlled frequencies have been in the air, water, and food. They have been part of our social media, television, music, and even our clothing — subliminal messages, frequency attacks, and other forms of control — to keep us in the lowest vibration. Our ability as creators was being cultured to generate just enough light force to feed the controllers. This is what we have been accustomed to for lifetimes, and now you consciously have a choice in how to engage your powerful light.