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Energy Cleansing Meditation

Energy Cleansing Meditation Archangel Michael through Melanie Beckler

Greetings from Archangel Michael. I am present with you now. I am meeting you outside of time and space, surrounding you with love, light, clear divine energy, and healing frequency to cleanse your energy. This cleansing will empower you to shine brightly with the truth of the divine being who you authentically are. So let us clear the illusion, distortion, and dense energy cluttering your field so that the true, harmonious, bright truth of your divine essence can effortlessly shine through all you do.

Anchor Divine Light

Become a powerful gift, contributing to the collective — humanity — in the present moment through simply being, shining, embodying, and living as the fully embodied divine lightbeing you authentically are. Anchor this light and presence through your open heart, your clear mind, and your focused will throughout your entire being.

Become aware of a pillar of light around you, extending 6 feet in every direction. This cylindrical pillar flows all the way down to the crystalline core of the earth and all the way up to the light of Source, the Divine, God, the Infinite. You are at the center of this pillar surrounded by angels and infinite love. Inside this pillar, this space, clear divine light and frequency flow in so that this sacred container, the sacred cocoon, increases in frequency and you along with it, vibrating higher, shining brighter.