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Dream Zone: When to Call It Quits

Dream Zone: When to Call It Quits Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

When to Call It Quits

I had a dream last week that I was at work and I parked my car in the parking lot, but when I walked out, I couldn’t find it. It was not towed or anything; I just couldn’t find it. My coworkers told me to forget about it, but I was determined to find it.

Michelle, 52, Hudson Valley, NY

Lauri: What situation has you feeling uncertain or directionless lately? Since this dream took place at work, it is likely connected to work. Your car can represent your “drive” or motivation as well as your ability to move forward and progress. But yours was lost.

Have you lost interest or motivation with your job? Are you dealing with a decision or dilemma in which you aren’t sure which way to go? Whatever it is, your coworkers’ voices are the chatter in your head telling you to give up. The core you is determined to keep at it.