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Dissolve the Seed of Fear to Free the Soul

Dissolve the Seed of Fear to Free the Soul Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

A glorious moment is at hand! We extend our energy with great love eternally; may your heart know that it is time to release all fear.

Recognition of the eternal contains the moment during which you will release all fear through recognition of your divine nature. Such recognition, understanding, reunification, and presence are birthing now for each spark of divine love that exists, leading you to grow. Just as you water a seed and discover joy as it grows, you gain understanding through this worldly experience as you prepare to reclaim the “forever-ness” of your divine wisdom.

What does it mean to be in the forever-ness of your divine knowing? Perhaps it is the divine recognition, through the conscious release of all fear, that is able to grow. If fear is present, where is the expression of divine love in union with fear? With all energy, there is a sacred union. Release of fear frees your energy field from manipulation. We invite you to travel deeply into your heart as you discover your soul’s recognition of eternity.