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Consider Every Opportunity

Consider Every Opportunity Sanat Kumara through Maureen St. Germain

We invite you to continue your service to humanity. Some of you might say, “I’m not doing anything for humanity.” Maybe you are, and you do not know it. If you pray or meditate, you are helping to transform the planet. If you offer yourself in service, you are helping to transform the planet. We thank you and remind you to use the prayer, “I am asking for a day of heaven on Earth for me and everyone I come in contact with.

This is Sanat Kumara, the overseer of the planet — the world Buddha. I speak for the beings of light who support your transformation. We ask that you carefully choose your water. Fluoridation calcifies the pineal gland and closes it down, so it is most important that you pay attention to the water you drink. Do not drink fluoridated water. Do not be casual about this. When you carefully choose your water, it puts you in a position to be more connected with your divine self.

This includes those times you order a smoothie or some other drink. Make sure the water has been purified and is not the fluoridated tap water coming from your community (if your community is fluoridating your water). Practically every modern city in the world fluoridates their water. We also ask you to find and enjoy dark chocolate without sugar. [Maureen notes you can get cacao nibs or stevia sweetened bars.] These two things will help to open your pineal gland.