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Ask the Angels: Be Here Now

Ask the Angels: Be Here Now the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Be Here Now

Sometimes when I wake in the morning, I feel spirits or angels are reminding me of things that I should do. Are they trying to talk to me, or is this my imagination? When I’m crying or very upset, I almost feel they are beside me, calming me down. I told this to my son, and he just laughed at me. Am I being silly, or is this real?

— Allison, Tucson, AZ

From Cheryl: I’m not with you, so I can’t tell you, “Yes, this is real.” I can tell you to trust your feelings. Angels are with you, helping you in every way. If you knew the empathy and the love they have for you, it would bring you to tears. Your soul is perceiving a deeper spirituality. Please be open to it, and be thankful for this perception.