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Ascension Energy Is Shifting Earth into a State of Peace

Ascension Energy Is Shifting Earth into a State of Peace Lea Chapin

A wave of ascension energy is flooding planet Earth from the photon belt, and humanity is on the cusp of a new generation of time. This energy has been anchored in the capstone of the Great Pyramid of Giza and is now being dispersed through the ley lines and gridlines of Mother Earth. This is causing a major shift of transformational consciousness, as the frequencies of compassion, mercy, tranquility, and peace with the balanced energy of Mother/Father God are being infused on the planet. This will cause the heart chakras of each soul on the planet to open, allowing Mother Earth to finally begin to heal.

The transfer of power from the old patriarchal order to the Sacred Feminine energy has been full of dissension and difficulty. Some believe the upsurge in chaos and violence means we are approaching Armageddon, or the end of the world. But it is simply the end of an old era.

Earth no longer wishes to carry this old energy frequency and will continue to return to the exalted state of love in which she was created. The earth changes and natural disasters (in the form of the fires, floods, and hurricanes) have purified the earth and will soon subside.