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Ascendant Conscious Creation Ends All Separation

Ascendant Conscious Creation Ends All Separation The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Biolight ascendant masters, are you ready to turn loose your new spirit into the wild, creative abandon of your new, free heart? After all, it is your natural state of joy to create. It’s time to create fully conscious manifestations in your new species’ hearts to receive your very own creations.

First, take this opportunity to release any unconscious internal dialogue of separation from the self forever as you extract or realize all its wisdom. As any thoughts or emotions come up, don’t shut them off. Allow them to tell you about the old movies or character actors they have been so that they return to the essence rainbow. In such return to the core-light presence, these realized attributes inform and help grow your soul through wisdom’s awareness.

You have helped master all dense experiences for all the masters, angels, and lightbeings who felt lost in the creation story of separation: Mr. Rage, Ms. Anger, Sister Guilt, Brother Fear, and all the characters that fairy tales and children’s books are populated with. Everyone has a children’s book of life and cast of characters in which life is the theater. The story reveals that only the strong human angels were invited to be superheroes to the enslaved tyrant-victim programming.