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Yours Is the Most Beautiful Life

Yours Is the Most Beautiful Life Moldavite Stone through Douglas Davis

In the beginning, there was fire. The fire was sacred and strong and full of passion and life. We all come from the fire of life, love, and expression, the highest physical expression there is. I traveled by fire and came to Earth, and when I arrived, I encountered great storms with winds, lightning, and darkness.
In that darkness, there was electricity, and the clouds were massive. They moved and expressed in waves of black and purple energies. As I sailed through the atmosphere, I took on much of that electricity. I then gained great momentum and felt alive as I took on great fire. I continued to fall in ecstasy with the fire and electricity along with the spirits of the clouds and skies.
I landed on an island in a blue ocean and felt blissful. As the light of day by the great ball of fire in the sky blessed and kissed me, I experienced love for my surroundings and saw the shimmering lights and energy fields of the trees, plants, and land upon which I awoke. I felt love for the peaceful waters and skies, all alive with spirits and beauty — such sensation, beauty, color, and aliveness! They all shimmered in their great passion and aliveness, and they had all come from fire in the original state in their humble beginnings as ecstatic beings of light.