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You Will Experience Another World

You Will Experience Another World Isis through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Isis.
Oh, good. Welcome! My friend, who is a sensitive, psychic person, said she was looking out the window at nighttime, but she could see the street clearly. Suddenly she saw a man on a motorcycle. It was kind of shaded, so she couldn’t make out details. He was moving along for a second or so, and then he disappeared. That got her attention, and ever since, she has looked out in that general direction. About a week later at night, she saw two people riding motor scooters in an area that was better lit than normal, and she said they “jumped” the light: They came up to the corner, turned right, went a short distance, made a U-turn, came back, turned right again, and jumped the light. They were driving around, and she got the impression that they didn’t know the area that well. They took one street that was actually a dead-end. They returned to the main street and then rode down the sidewalk instead on the street as they were supposed to. They kept riding side by side on the sidewalk, completely blocking it for anybody coming toward them.
My friend said she was thinking, “These guys must be nuts!” when suddenly out of nowhere, a man was standing in front of them. She could see the bikes clearly — they were different colors — and the riders. The man who showed up stood right in the middle of the sidewalk and blocked their way. There was a long pause, and she had the impression that he was reading them the riot act. Then the man stepped aside but remained on the sidewalk, and the two people on the motor scooters still didn’t go into the street, but they got into single file so that people could easily get around them. The other man then ran across the street in a gallop. He looked really happy and celebratory. He got out into the center of the street where there was a very good light and a concrete separation — the kind that you might see on a freeway that are about 2.5 feet tall — and he went right underneath the streetlight and disappeared.
This is something that needs to be talked about a bit because for people who are sensitive, especially, or have been learning how to see things with their subtle vision (this means they see something; it’s there, and it’s physical, but other people might not see it), there are ways to learn how to do this, and this is particularly important. But other people, generally, can have these experiences that I’ll describe in a moment that might be disturbing if they haven’t come into an awareness of the capabilities that they now have. The reason you have these capabilities, sometimes referred to as waking up, is that there are times scheduled for all the people of Earth to become more aware, more conscious of things that your souls and spirits know about, and those parts of you are coming much more into your conscious mental awareness. This means that the senses you have — sight, smell, touch, and so on — are letting you know that you’re experiencing something.