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You Are Loved because You Are Love

You Are Loved because You Are Love Divine Mother through Miriandra Rota

I am your Divine Mother. As you emerge as new beings, as you leave behind that which you have been, as you leave behind the shell that has held you until now, this moment when the next phase of your journey called to you, I am with you to assist you to birth, emerge, and discover the reality of who you are.
There are those who have assisted you by not only speaking the words of your emergence but also imbuing those words with frequencies that assist you in the continued expansion of your consciousness into the all-knowing that holds truth evermore. And those words have caused you to pause within your daily living and to reflect on who you have been and who you might become. And those frequencies have assisted you to recognize the real you that is emerging.
My message as you read these words contains one purpose, and that is to express the love that exists not only for the you that you are becoming but also the you that you have been. You have always been a most beauteous being. You have journeyed forth into the unknown, you have suffered, and you have discovered that you could change your manner of living. You discovered that you could effect changes within your physical, external world by changing your inner beliefs, interpretations, and focus. You played with techniques of manifestation, and you studied expanded manners of not only healing yourselves but also assisting others to heal themselves.