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Things Will Work Out

Things Will Work Out Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

In an awakened state, the human race on Earth will be something special. Keep in mind that you will have resolved a great many problems in the universe as a result of your Explorer Race epic here. So when you are all awakened, which is in process now, you will be able to resolve almost all the other problems in the universe, which are for the most part small. There are at times things that need to be, you might say, separated. Things run into each other, and granted, those collisions, while they are destructive, also are creative. But there are a lot of beings who would prefer no destruction, naturally. You will be able to resolve these things.
Your timetable, as it is going now, is on course. I know you think, “What’s taking so long?” but you have to achieve a state in which you understand the nature of the physical world and physical life in order to embrace that lesson and that experience while being your full spiritual selves and being physical. This is coming, and it will be with you in, oh, three to five years of experiential time. This does not relate to calendar time, all right? It might take up to twenty years in calendar time, but it doesn’t have to.
I know you want to say, “Well, what can we do to bring it to fruition in less time than, say, twenty years?” I can say this: As an individual, appreciate all the things you like and sometimes take for granted in the physical world — sleep, waking up without the alarm clock, that breath of fresh air, things that are part of life. They can also be things that are momentous for you: the joy of discovering something beautiful or the moments of feeling appreciated or admired. These are qualities on Earth that are often desired, but sometimes some of you are a bit embarrassed at such attention. But, really, that is not necessary because it is a part of the physical experience on Earth, and it’s one of the Explorer Race’s discoveries and ways to find how to make things work benevolently.