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Take Time to Review

Take Time to Review ETs of the Light through Maureen St. Germain

As you face many changes that have occurred over the past two months, understand that more good and more opportunities are coming for everyone. Keep your thoughts positive, taking into account every difficulty you face is your resistance, not to be confused with difficulty in general. You are cocreating your reality. The more you maintain optimism and wonder about your future, your problems, and your dramas, the more you will create incredible opportunity and connections.
Take time this year during the retrograde energy to review your current path and patterns so that you can choose wisely what you will do. There are tools that you know about already. Make lists. Make picture plans such as treasure maps. If you do not know what treasure maps are, please explore this method, and discover the joy of creating them. The more “allowing” you are toward everyone and everything, the more your outcomes will support you, including planetary outcomes.
Many of you are seekers and are actively pursuing your missions by helping others as you follow your paths and do your ascension work. What you might not realize is that you are also cocreating the new reality. All your thoughts mix to create the version of the future humanity desires. Desire more happiness for yourself and others. Desire more sweetness for yourself and others. This desire is not like a benevolent king who says, “I want all my subjects to be happy or else.” It is more along the lines of saying, “I wish you get everything you want.” This is similar to a phrase you might say to your friends on their birthdays.