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The Springboard Effect of Time Travel

The Springboard Effect of Time Travel Tcheclk a Zeta Reticulan through Robert Shapiro

There is more to say about the contacts that have begun in earnest now on your planet. Some beings that are making contact have a focal point that is not actually on the physical planet but on a higher dimensional aspect of the space the planet occupies. In this way, they are able to move through and be around the energy of Earth without actually coming into contact with the planet itself.
Now, the Zeta beings have been able to cope with the planet’s energies as long as they remain on the ship, but there are also beings on our ship who are not from Zeta Reticuli. These beings do not, as a rule, contact the people of Earth, but they are getting ready for some contact. There will be some contact from these beings. The reason I mention it is that the beings do not look like Zeta Reticulans at all. They look very much like human beings, but they are not from the Pleiades, and they are not even from this galaxy.
They are from a distant part of the universe and have traveled through time, which is the way to cover such distances as well as through a portion of space. When you travel through time, it creates what I’d call a springboard effect so that you can move rapidly. If you coordinate where you want to go and stay focused on that, you can go from one side of the universe to the other, but you have to know exactly where you’re going and exactly what you’re going to do. You cannot, in any way (not even slightly!), alter that. In that way, you can travel, but you don’t actually go through space. You just travel along the focus of your time.