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The Sky Is Not Falling

The Sky Is Not Falling Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Earth is upshifting. It is remaking itself by reforming its elements, kingdoms, and directional aspects. The planet you call home is repositioning itself in response to a divine purpose and calling. That purpose is the ascension of humanity. Earth and all life on the planet are undergoing a powerful shift. This transition involves climate and geotectonic shifts, and geo-changes involve regionally specific (not global) cataclysms.
Let us be clear, had humanity not chosen to ascend, there would have been a global cataclysmic rebooting. The cataclysmic probable reality would have occurred between 1998 and 2000 in the form of a lethal asteroid impact, resulting in an axial tilt, tectonic superquakes, mile-high tsunamis, and flooding amid mega wind streams and storms.
Of course that did not occur, but the knowledge of its potential was embedded in humanity’s subconsciouses. Indeed, it is interesting to note that as 1998 approached, a series of movies, documentaries, and books emerged around planetary destructions due to asteroid impacts termed the Death Star series in popular written and cinematic media. Up until 1987, the catastrophic doomsday scenario was the most-accepted probability.