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Release Doubt to Navigate the Storms

Release Doubt to Navigate the Storms Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved beings of the divine oneness living through the presence of light and joy, it is a celebration to share sacred time with you today. This is a moment of pure joy, for you are at the time of your divine remembrance. You are navigating the ascension to discover your anchor, and as you embrace with greater presence the ascended energy in oneness with the energy of this time, please breathe and simply relax as you receive our message.
It is a moment to once again fully call forward your mastery and the wisdom of your journey of self-ascension. Many have gifted themselves with the gateway, the portal, of ascended presence by relaxing into their divine beingness once more.
First remember, without doubt, that you are an angel. As you claim this truth, the master who has been here before ignites from within the opening of your self-ascended presence and is now ready to claim the blessings of the journey. When you choose to remember and claim this gift, the spirit that appears when you simply say yes again arises from within your heart center. Anchoring your spirit is a gift of your divine evolution, and it carries vast differences from the perceptions of your mind.