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The Redistribution of Power

The Redistribution of Power Lynn Buess

An ongoing conflict between forces of darkness and light peaks around this time, revealing more clearly to a sleeping public just what is going on around them. Confirmation of serious mischief in high places that has often been labeled conspiratorial now comes into focus with an increase of whistleblowers, computer inspections, and the relentless work of long-time researchers. Lies and abuse of previous administrations will be revealed more frequently from now on.
More details about the shooting in Las Vegas will be exposed, and perpetrators will be traced back to known organizations and global personalities. The sex scandals now being aired are small potatoes and distract from real issues of child trafficking, abuse, and global exploitation of women for sex that are embedded in politics, entertainment, media, and corporations. Big-time exposure is on the way.
New tools, toys, and technologies enter the marketplace and continue to astound with the advancements and almost unearthly high-tech breakthroughs. The roles of women and workingwomen now gain massive momentum as the feminine energy of the year touches all sectors of global society.