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New Earth’s Love Song

New Earth’s Love Song Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Energies for February 2018 bring in tremendous vibrational electromagnetic shifts for all Earth and its inhabitants. The nervous system, spinal fluid, and brain will be strongly affected by the minute-to-minute fluctuation patterns in tone and vibration.
The constant shift of the electromagnetic wave patterns in all that is manifest will bring with it the fading in and out from 3D to 5D and back again of people, places, things, and concepts. All that has been made manifest without the tonal quality knowledge of the ancients will seem to appear and disappear as it no longer aligns with the old fear vibrations now dissolving, no longer able to function with the incoming energies.
This vibrational toning of the music of the spheres realigning Earth with the great heart energy will affect everything and everyone, increasing in intensity throughout 2018. Though this portal vibration began opening at the new moon in January 2018, it reaches full aperture on February 15, 2018, continuing its shifts until February 4, 2019. This is the opening of the Rutan Atlantean halls of records, which constitutes the cocreation and manifestation of the new azurite etheric gemstone temple above the Cape Verde Basin in the North Atlantic — 15 degrees north, 45 degrees west.