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Multi-Matter Is Alive in True Abundance

Multi-Matter Is Alive in True Abundance The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

How does the lightbody create an abundant life in the multidimensional master and change their empathic or perfection stress?
Multidimensional masters, Gaia moves into her new energy vessel, or lightbody, with you as essence light creates new matter for all life. New Earth Gaia has hosted all your soul essence lightbeings as the last of the old Earth human DNA races and the first of the New Earth human DNA races.
Let’s, for a moment, review her theatrical role in the cosmos. She has used her vessel as a grand host for the entire universe and the cosmos. She has been the genetic experiment to birth a new species and new matter for the new light multiverses. She has offered refugees of the cosmos a home. Gaia has even allowed, under free will, ETs from past ancient universes to be hosted here while you human angels seeded the new species DNA in this Earth universe for all the future “nows.” She has been a recycling bin for souls who have been unable to master the reincarnation cause-and-effect energy wheel in their blueprints. She has acted as a cosmic sanatorium for cosmic refugees, the lost, and abused races.