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Love Knows No Other Way but to Give

Love Knows No Other Way but to Give Energy of Your Higher Soul Self through Carolyn Gervais

We are the balanced and merged energy of your higher soul self beyond 4D expressing through your mass human/collective consciousness. The five senses are controlled by your beliefs and human experiences, of which gradually or quickly form individual conceptual mindsets that define and color how each mind comprehends human life. Because of the many unique ways of experiencing and living life, you all strive for ever newer and happier ways to perceive yourselves by way of your relationships, by how you choose to live your lives, by the kind of people you want to become, and by how willing you are to come out of self-denial and heal in the light of the new energy.
The world can look like a battlefield because the old energy demands complete control over everything and everyone. To not have to face that which the old energy fears losing or never having, the old energy in your world honors prejudice and greed that wants to crush and destroy anything it believes might crush and destroy it. This oppressive way of being causes the old energy to not hesitate to strike first, appropriately or not.
A mind that feels the need to judge and dominate others can destroy your ability to trust and believe in yourself, causing mental and emotional abuse. All have played a role in manifesting the kind of world in which you live and experience with your human senses. Seeing fear and evil and then reacting in a way that manifests more fear and evil in the world only adds to the problem. Whatever experiences manifest for you is determined by your conscious and unconscious programming, which can cause you to see what you believe you are seeing and hear what you believe you are hearing but are not, thus affecting your choices and reactions.