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Live by the Code of the Dragon

Live by the Code of the Dragon The Dragon and the Council of Wise Ones through Sharon Taphorn

You have been camouflaged for too long, and this has kept you dormant and in a kind of stasis. Some of you have even forgotten your quests. This served its purpose well because it has kept you safe, but now you have outgrown this protective cocoon, and it is time to rejoin your quest and to remember. During your time of chosen exile, you honed your skills, and it is time to reenter your world as the dragon you are.
Becoming the dragon means being fully alive and present in your now. You know taking chances leads to greater expansion. You are courageous, powerful, and unafraid to be alone, but you know you are stronger when you work together. You remember why you came, the importance of your mission, your purpose, and how to live life honorably once again. This is the code of the dragon.