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Kundalini and Energy-Body Mastery

Kundalini and Energy-Body Mastery Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

I recently experienced a kundalini awakening, but I don’t really know what it’s for. Could you please talk a little about that?
Yes. The kundalini is a very important part of your energy system. This is part of what the training was in the mystery schools: the development of the full energy body and system, including the kundalini. Ultimately, the kundalini is for carrying you into higher dimensions and opening higher centers within you that will be required as you move into those higher dimensions.
Sometimes the kundalini is activated spontaneously. Oftentimes when that happens, it is not a full activation; it is a partial activation. A partial activation can happen when the structures or vessels for the kundalini are not fully prepared. This is why a spontaneous kundalini awakening can have challenging effects, such as confusion or disorientation. It is valuable to have a guide or teacher for this kind of process.