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Geometric Codes in the Human Body

Geometric Codes in the Human Body Master Kundala through Rae Chandran

Blessings to all. I wish to bring some understanding on the new realities unfolding on the planet and how to open up to some new realities. Humanity is slowly shifting from a chakra-based focus to geometries and sacred codes.
In the new reality, understanding these new paradigms can be helpful in tapping into the unseen energies. What do I mean by unseen energies? There are benevolent beings on the planet who support humanity, and they seem hidden. But you can call on them to assist you in gathering energy. You are aware of the nature spirits supporting humanity. There are animal, mountain, river, sea, Sun, Moon, and dragon energies supporting humanity at this time. All these energies are encoded in the sacred geometry that exists in the human body.
One of the most important is the dragon energy. It seeded the planet with the original consciousness of quantum crystalline awakening, and that was held by the mineral kingdoms and especially the rocks and the stones. After the shift of the magnetic grid over the past several years, Earth is moving into crystalline consciousness, and the mineral kingdom is releasing these deep-held secrets through the process of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and ice melts, as well as other earth changes.